Cara Delevingne's - White Powder and Punky Fashion

Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne

David Fisher/Rex Features

So what if a little baggie with a powdery white substance fell out of Cara Delevingne's purse? Obviously it's a medicine used to fight symptoms like ability to concentrate and not being attracted to bright lights. Well, that or cocaine, but I'm just guessing. Would anyone really be surprised if a fashion industry model and insider was doing coke, though?


She has yet to officially comment about the baggie containing a mysterious white powder she dropped outside her home Wednesday.

And Cara Delevingne certainly didn't let an alleged drug scandal get in the way of her good time at the Met Ball in New York Monday.

The 20-year-old model was too busy kissing her punk lookalike for the night, Sienna Miller, and hobnobbing with the fashion elite to be bothered.

The five-foot-eight stunner later tweeted the lip-lock Instagram with the caption: 'Studded love! X' Read More


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