Celebrities Show No Love for Hyderabad Fashion Week

Deccan Chronicle

While runway shows and city fashion weeks are normally a beacon for celebrities, they haven't been showing up for the Hyderabad International Fashion Week in India. Even with a growing influence on the world market, for some reason this particular show just can't seem to draw in the stars that other fashion weeks are graced with.


Hyderabad International Fashion Week 2012 (HIFW) may not be as big as the other fashion weeks that take place in Delhi, Mumbai or Goa, but it’s certainly a start for a city that is making its presence felt in the fashion arena. But what one couldn’t help noticing was that unlike other cities, Hyderabad’s A-listers and Tollywood celebrities failed to turn up for the event.

So, the pertinent question is, while Bipasha Basu and   Paris Hilton make it to Goa Resort Fashion Week, when it comes to fashion shows in Hyderabad, how come no big names turn up for it frequently? Read More

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