Celebrities Who Have ADHD

Justin Timberlake

Getty Images/Examiner

There are actually numerous notable celebrities who have ADD and/or ADHD, but for me I think the most surprising was finding out that Justin Timberlake has it. Others include Glenn Beck, Howie Mandel and Michael Phelps. Just goes to show that with enough dedication, even people who have attention problems can become some of the most prominent public figures.


A Swedish study shows people with ADHD are a whopping four to seven times more likely to break the law than those without the disorder, according to a Nov. 21 Yahoo! News report. Many celebrities suffer from ADHD, ADD and other mental health disorders. Here are some of the stars who have come forward.

    Howie Mandel regretted coming forward about his struggles with OCD, ADD/ADHD, and mysophobia (the fear of germs). However, once he saw he many people were suffering without a voice, he became a strong advocate for mental health. Read More


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