CES Pulls Millions into Las Vegas Economy

CES 2014


With travelers from all over the world coming into Las Vegas these last couple weeks for the International Consumer Electronics Show, usually referred to as CES, there has been a significant increase to the city's economy as the tech-savvy travelers make their way through the casinos and sites.


While the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is all about the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos, it also gives Las Vegas a financial shot in the arm and has a decidedly international feel.

CES is the largest technology trade show in the world and is expected to bring about $200 million in non-gaming revenue to our economy in just one week.

Despite travel woes brought on by the cold snap in the Midwest and Northeast, 3,200 exhibitors from all over the world have descended on Las Vegas, briefly making our city the center of the digital universe. Read More

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