Cezar or Lord Zod? The World May Never Know

Cezar in All His Glory

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Looking like a bad caricature of the infamous Lord Zod of Superman fame, Opera singer Cezar took to the Eurovision Song Contest stage in a black and reflective fashion disaster. The outfit was only made worse by the bizarre all-red outfits of his backup dancers. Somebody call the fashion police, and quick, before he makes my eyes bleed and ears bleed.


Romania was the seventeenth and final country to take to the Malmö Arena stage today. Cezar was keen to give a very good performance of his song It's My Life, which definitely made an impact in the hall.


The second Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest really goes out on a high note, literally!. Cezar as always gives a very strong and confident performance vocally as he steps on the stage with a distinctively serious demeanour. However, backstage he seemed relaxed and raring to get on stage. (Read More)

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