Chanel Gets Equestrian with Alice Dellal

Alice Dellal for Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel

Alice Dellal has been the face of Chanel's bag line for quite some time now (as far as the fashion industry is concerned, at least) and the company's latest advertising campaign has the model riding a horse and looking much classier than previous campaigns. I'd also like to point out that equestrian themed advertising is perfect for a line of high-fashion purses, because that's what everyone riding a horse needs... Right?


Alice Dellal's first Chanel campaign saw her lounging louchely in a grand stately home, but for this season's Boy bag adverts the brand's creative director Karl Lagerfeld has gone for a more outdoorsy feel. Although the model's trademark punky undercut and tattoos are still evident, the holey tights and leather she donned in the last campaign have been replaced by pretty neck-tie blouses and prim cardigans, and the bourgeois décor for a statuesque white horse.

The new shots seem to be a reflection of Dellal's changing personal style which has recently been erring away her one-time uniform of inappropriately miniscule denim cut-offs, fishnets and crop tops to more sophisticated get-ups. Read More

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