Chanel Shows Elegance, Opulence at Grand Palais

Adrian Crispin

It is really not a surprise that Chanel would pull out all the stops as far as their fashion lines are concerned, with the likes of Lagerfeld behind them, they can pretty much do whatever they want throughout the fashion industry and not take any heat for their decisions. They're making some killer fashion decisions anyway, maintaining their position as one of the top luxury fashion houses around and will likely maintain their momentum. 


The soaring domes and stone facades of the Nave at Paris’ Grand Palais were built in 1900 as a “monument dedicated by the Republic to the glory of French art”, and over the years, they have housed seminal exhibitions by Matisse, Braque and Derain, sheltered the French Resistance during the Liberation of Paris and in 2011 played host to Anish Kapoor’s extraordinary structure Leviathan. And since 2006, Karl Lagerfeld has been staging his Chanel couture show under the vaulted glass arches of this most iconic French landmark, adding fashion to the long list of supreme artistic visions that have been shown there. Read More

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