Check Them Out: The World's Most Expensive Purses
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Youíve probably heard the expression you can never be too rich or too skinny. For fashion aficionados, that could be tweaked to say you can never have too many purses from too many top designers. If youíre in the market for a new handbag, youíve surely checked out every Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade bag out there.

But if you really want to indulge in fantasy world, check out these incredibly luxurious (and incredibly high-priced) bags. You may, however, need to sell some of your vacuum cleaners to Switchgear or pawn off your old bags on Craigslist to afford them!

Ginza Tanaka's Hermes Birkin Bag

Your eyes might just be blinded by the sight of this blinged-out bag. Made from platinum, the bag is decorated with more than 2,000 diamonds. It has one feature thatís unique among luxury handbags: You can remove the diamond-encrusted strap and use it as a necklace or bracelet if you donít feel like schlepping the entire bag around (although really, when you have a diamond-encrusted bag, youíre hardly a schlep).

Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag

Lana Marksís luxury bags are also some of the most difficult to buy. Thatís because Marks makes only one Cleopatra clutch available for retail each year, and each one sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the most recent, which was carried by legendary actress Helen Mirren at the 2007 Oscars, was made of metallic alligator skin and 18-carat white gold.

Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag

If you have an extra $120,000 lying around the house, you may want to shell out for this gorgeous bag, made of crocodile skin. The clasp has 10-carat white diamonds, and itís named after Jane Birkin, a British actress and singer who appeared in ďDeath on the Nile.Ē

Leiber Precious Rose Bag

This bag is not just expensive and luxurious, itís also unique. Itís shaped like a beautiful flower in a design that includes 1,016 diamonds, 1,169 pink sapphires and 800 tourmalines. Thereís only one in the entire world, and it was sold for $92,000.

LV Tribute Patchwork Bag

This unusual bag really lives up to the moniker of ďpatchwork.Ē Louis Vuitton includes a number of smaller bags in its design, so that it looks like a collage of smaller clutches. Itís sold in a very limited edition in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

Mouawad's 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

According to The Guinness Book of World Records, this is the worldís most expensive purse, selling for $3.8 million. The heart-shaped bag has 4,517 diamonds, including pink and yellow ones, and is made of 18-carat gold. It took nearly 9,000 hours of man-power to craft this stunning bag.†

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