Chicago's Polar Vortex Deep Freeze

The Polar Vortex freezes Chicago

Chicago Tribune

Having finally two-digit temperatures since the polar vortex first hit Chicago, one Tribune writer has taken it upon herself to craft the story we will be telling our kid's kids a few decades down the line, and it's wonderful.


Come sit by the fire, li'l children, and let me tell you about the great Chicago winter of 2014.

Oh, it was a fearsome time, children, that record-breaking winter of the great polar vortex, and even though we weren't quite sure what a polar vortex was, we sure liked saying it.

Polar vortex. Polar vortex. Polar vortex.

For all we knew, a polar vortex was the latest style of North Face coat, but whatever it was, we hadn't been so happy to learn a new expression since we discovered the word "twerkin'." Read More

D. McMillin

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