Choosing an Heirloom Watch

Patek Philippe

Watches make wonderful heirlooms as they are a reminder of loved ones that can be taken anywhere by the recipient. With some great companies out there to choose from, the best watch-as-heirloom advice I can think up is to get a watch that has classical elegance to it, ensuring its look won't go out of style thereby forcing the watch to a shelf.


Dear Snob,

I am looking to buy a watch for my son as a keepsake in memory of me and our relationship after I leave this world. (I was just diagnosed with end-stage cancer.) I was hoping to buy something he can wear now and for as long as possible (he is only 22 this year), and would not be outdated even with the passing of the years. However, I have not thought of my budget, and would hope that you could recommend something in the below-5K, below-10K and below-20K categories for my consideration. 

- First of all, I’m sorry to hear of your situation. I applaud your attitude and your desire to leave something memorable to your son. Now on to your question. Read More

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