Choosing Park Homes

If you are a senior who is looking into purchasing a new home, there are some things which you should take into consideration and your needs should be top priority. It can also be helpful to prepare a list of questions and concerns which you would like to have answers to before making a decision as important as purchasing a home. Remember that it is your responsibility to research before choosing park homes for sale in Lincolnshire at

Park homes, also known as residential caravans, are energy-efficient and do not require a lot of maintenance and these are just some of the reasons why they are very popular today. The first step you should take is to choose the park where you would like to be a resident. Talk to the residents and find out what they have to say. Are they happy living there? Are their requests looked into in a time-efficient manner? Is there regular maintenance? Are there problems?  The happiness and contentment of the residents are great gauges when it comes to deciding if the park home is the best for you.
Make sure that the park has a state licence. The licence should indicate the residential purpose for twelve months of the year. Note that this differs from a licence which is for holiday purpose.  You will not be able to live in park homes of this type. The park owner should also be a member of Trade Associations and a simple search using the Internet should be able to tell you if the owner is indeed a member or not.

Meeting the site owner will give you the opportunity to ask the questions and concerns which you have previously written. If you have come a long way, it is a good idea to check first if anyone will be available to see you on the day.

However, before you lay down money, it is advisable to ask for legal advice. Although a solicitor won’t be needed, a legal advisor can help ensure that the agreement does not have any restrictions or unusual clauses.  This is especially important because there are many changes in site licensing and legislation. Some park homes may cost large sums of money so it is only proper that you avoid possible pitfalls in the future.

For better peace of mind, you may also wish to have the park home surveyed. A thorough survey will not cost that much. It will set you back approximately £300.00. Once survey is carried out and all is good, it is time to think about your financing options.

There are several companies which specialise in the finance of park homes. Aside from the cost of the home, you will also be responsible for heating and electric charge and domestic water supply. Water and sewage charges may also be included in the annual pitch fee.
Owning one of the beautiful park homes for sale in Lincolnshire at can be the start of a comfortable, happy, relaxing and fulfilling retired life. The key is in choosing the perfect park home for your needs.


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