Chrissy Teigen Looked Spectacular at Inauguration

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

While most people remained fixated on the President and First Lady during the inauguration, those who were willing to scan the people attending would have been pleasantly surprised had they gazed upon Chrissy Teigen. The model spent the entire day looking spectacular, proving her merit as a fashion icon and turning heads everywhere she went.


Although we can’t get enough of Michelle Obama and Beyonce, there is another glamazon in Washington D.C., heating up all of the Inauguration events.  Chrissy Teigen has been everywhere this weekend in D.C., from the red carpet to luncheons and she has been hitting every fashion note perfectly.  It’s tough to dress appropriately among the country’s top politicians, but leave it to Chrissy to master both buttoned-up and undone with ease. Read More and Check Out the Gallery of Teigen

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