Cities to Visit #10: Buenos Aires

One of my best friends are from Argentina and whenever I ask him about his hometown of Buenos Aires, he gets a glow around him and describes it as the best city in the world. His love of the city and Buenos Aires’ nightlife has thoroughly piqued my interest, helping grab this fashionable city the number ten spot on my list of cities to visit.


With a blend of European and Latin lifestyles, the Buenos Aires culture and arts look to be quite impressive as well, as there is a tremendous amount of great public areas, wonderful theaters and a plethora of museums that I would like to visit while there. Once the sun goes down, however, I would take my friend’s advice and locate myself in the hip, trendy clubs and lounges that can apparently be found all over the city. Also, like many of the cities I plan on visiting, Buenos Aires has a cultural identity that I would try to immerse myself in, making sure to absorb as much as possible before my return home.

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