Classic Chardonnays Only Wish They Were Chablis
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Steve Mirsky

Since 1923 at Chablis in France's Burgundy region, soils fortified with limestone and marl have yielded some interesting flavor profiles spread across a mosaic of vineyard plots situated in villages like La Chapelle Vaupelteigne and Chemilly sur Serein. Vines averaging 20 years old yield refreshingly nuanced Chardonnay grapes you won't find anywhere else. The fruit is then artfully fermented into a staggering variety of wines. Here are 2 bottles I'd recommend you start chilling now:

Jean Marc Brocard 2010 Chablis Premier Cru Montmains

Straightforward start for a split second and then the flavors unfurl.† Honeyed spiciness on the initial sip blossoms into a citrusy edge. Sweet fruitiness rapidly unfolds into a spicy fruitiness. Pairs well with a wide range of ingredients...especially dishes seasoned with basil and chili peppers. Its clean finish makes it perfect for unadulterated fresh seafood especially oysters on the half shell.

La Pierrelee Chablis La Chablisienne 2011

Very slight golden hue, sweet yet not cloying. Tingly on the tongue with a spunky springiness make it a most definitive statement in a glass against anything associated with cold weather. A bracing astringency with citrus notes lingers into the next sip crescendoing to an effervescent mouth feel. Pairings with dishes of any kind become a surprise tasting with every bite. Refined fermentation on the nose with an even minerality make it pair nicely with salads, chicken, and fish. This wine aggressively takes hold of the palate shaking away any underlying biases you may have against Chablis.

†Coverage made possible by participating in a sponsored tasting.

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