Cliche Christenings: The Most Overly Used Boat Names

There are millions of different names people can choose to name their boats, which is why it is surprising when so many people choose the same one. Take a look at these 10 overly used boat names and why people choose them.

 1. Serenity: 558 Vessels

“Serenity” is probably the most popular boat name of all time. It has been in the top ten list for the past decade, or at least some form of it, such as “Serenity Now.” “Serenity” means to be in a calm and relaxed state — the perfect atmosphere for a yacht or luxury boathouse.

2. Liberty: 488 Vessels

In 2002, “Liberty” was number one on the top 10 list. “Lady Liberty” and “Liberty Call” are also common varieties of the name. Liberty is a great name for a recreational boats that want to cruise fast and be free to go any direction in the water.

3. Osprey: 334 vessels

“Osprey” is the name of a bird that hangs out over the water, which is why it is commonly used as a boat name. It is a great choice for a fishing boat because the Osprey is one of the best bird fishers.

4. Odyssey: 324 Vessels

“The Odyssey” is a Greek, epic poem by Homer about Odysseus and his adventures over the water. That’s why it is such a popular boat name. People always like to use history when coming up with names.

5. Obsession: 321 Vessels

Lots of people are obsessed with their boats, making “Obsession,” the perfect name choice. Some variations of the name include “Liquid Obsession” and “H2O Obsession.” If you can't get enough of the water, "Obsession" is a good boat name for your vessel.

6. Black Pearl: 149 Vessels

This boat name became popular after the release of the movie, “The Pirates of the Caribbean,” since “The Black Pearl” was the name of Jack Sparrow’s pirate ship. Of course, it can be the name of any boat, not just a pirate ship.

7. Aquaholic: 136 Vessels

“Aquaholic,” was the most popular boat name in 2010. It is great for people who can’t get enough of the water. Whether you own a yacht with Empire bimini covers or a simple fishing boat, “Aquaholic” is a great name.

8. Sea Horse: 132 Vessels

The sea horse is one of the most magical aquatic animals, so it’s not surprising that so many people name their boat after this creature. Plus, according to the United States Coast Guard, there are 12,066 vessels with some variation of “Sea” in its name.

9. Moonlight: 109 Vessels

“Moonlight” adds a bit of romance to a boat, making it a great name for a private yacht or romantic boathouse.

This list is just 10 of the most overly used boat christening names. Would you ever name your boat with one of these clichés?

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