Clothing Lines Designed and Fronted by Celebrities

Katie Holmes

Getty Images

While most of us already know that the celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes have designed and released their fair share of haute couture, but did you know that there are quite a few others who are knee-deep in the fashion industry, and a lot of their designs are quite spectacular as well.


Fashion designer and wife of soccer star David Beckham, Victoria, will sell her clothing line online for the first time early this spring., which is reported to launch in the next couple months, will feature her accessories, eye wear and posh clothing, like her $900 dresses. Previously, fans would have to visit other high-end clothing websites, including

Rocker Courtney Love is debuting her clothing line, Never the Bride, which is made from repurposed vintage pieces. She recently tweeted pictures from a photo shoot for Contributor Magazine. Frontwoman for the band, Hole, and widow of the late musician Curt Cobain, Love has previously sold her designer vintage clothing on eBay, MTV reported. Read More and Check Out the Gallery

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