College Based Fragrances On The Rise

Texas A&M

Texas A&M University

Virgina Tech, Notre Dame and now Texas A&M are launching their own fragrance brands in a trend that's showing now sign of slowing down. In the States, there's Masik Collegiate Fragrances to thank for the trend. A&M's new cologne is due to hit stores shortly alongside other "signature scents" from schools all across the states and beyond.


A new Texas A&M-branded cologne and perfume will hit stores, soon. No, it's not going to smell like a barnyard animal.


Aggie fans can thank the indulgers of collegiate spirit (and ego) at Masik Collegiate Fragrances who have scientifically created "signature scents" of 11 big-name schools, including the University of Alabama, LSU, the University of Oklahoma and Penn State.

(Is anyone else recapping the "sex panther" cologne scene from Anchorman? "It stings the nostrils.")
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