Colorful Kigurumi Attires - A Fun Fashion Trend for Everyone

Cosplay Kigurumi for Costume Party

Animal themed Kigurumi pajamas have turned out to be one of the emerging fashion trends in the world of sleepwear and loungewear. In fact, these animated and colorful Kigurumi outfits are often used as cosplay costumes in various fun filled events like costume party. The majority of people are unaware of the fact that these colorful outfits first evolved in Japan. But gradually it set its foot in various parts of the world and now it is manufactured in a number of countries.

A Brief History

Kigurumi is a traditional style of colorful animal and cartoon themed outfits which is considered to be a significant aspect of Japanese street fashion. Kigurumi pajama is one of the most popular sectors of this street fashion. Initially, the concept of this style developed in the mid ninetieth century and design patterns involving traditional characters were used in the pajamas. But with time newer patterns and designs that have been inspired from famous TV characters like SpongeBob, Pokemon, Winnie the Pooh, etc. are used in the pajamas. Apart from this, animal themed prints and designs have also become equally popular. Let us have a quick look at the basic styles and designs that are now involved to manufacture these fashionable Kigurumi pajamas.

Types of Kigurumi Attires

Anime Styled Kigurumi

This style involves the use artificial bodysuits and masks that cover up the complete body of the cosplay artists. For this reason, it is popularly known as cosplay costumes. The person wearing this dress is called the Doller or Animegao. These anime Kigurumi costumes have become globally popular these days and they are used for various purposes like costume parties and theme events.

Disguise Kigurumi Pajamas

Among all the categories of Kigurumi outfits, perhaps the most popular ones are disguise Kigurumi pajamas. These pajamas are specifically designed to provide a colorful disguise to the wearer. Animal prints and cartoon patterns are the most popular disguise themes. People wearing these costumes can get into the disguise of various animals like tigers, bears, cats and many more. It is compact attire for the whole body and it has a single zip line. For this reason, it is also named as onesie. These onesie pajamas are now used as fashionable sleepwear and loungewear. People can purchase colorful giraffe onesie or zebra onesie and various other Kigurumi animal themed pajamas from an authorized online store.

Kigurumi Fur suits

These fir suits are mainly big fluffy and furry costumes which are used mostly in big events and they represent various cartoon characters and animals. They are not used as regular attires, but smaller versions are often used as party outfits.

People can definitely opt for the Kigurumi onesie pajamas as sleepwear and loungewear because they are colorful and comfortable at the same time. The best part is that one can get these pajamas at an affordable price.

Feel Colorful wearing Animal Onesie Pajama


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