Compassionate Luxury Consignment Opens Second Location

Matti & Me, Compassionate Luxury Consignment, has created a wave in Southern California! The high-end, designer-only, consignment boutique, has opened their first 2 locations in just 9 months. Their eye-catching full page ads, of boldly spotted yellow high heel pumps,captured viewers immediately with the headline, "Spotted In Montecito".

The difference between these consignment stores and your average"luxury consignment"?...One would never know they were in a "re-sell" store, since the boutiques are designed and merchandised like a couture gallery...with handbags, clothing and accessories beautifully displayed as a piece of art.  Secondly, this creative team, (Wendy Nanon Smith and Matti Bourgault), give back a portion of their profits to charities of the consignor's choice!

santi visalli

Matti, Left, Wendy Right

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