Conserving Energy

A quick peek in history lets us acknowledge the significance of sunlight in many ways. Science has proven that it can even be used for lighting fire in the woods by using a magnifying glass to assimilate the sunlight into the act. We can use solar energy for making electricity or converting it into heat energy. By using solar panels, we can turn sun beams into electricity which you can consume instead of the electricity which runs your appliances.

You can conserve energy in many ways and the energy provider AGL in Australia has many tips that you can use.

Your electricity bill can shock you with high figures during extreme weather conditions. Air leaks due to crevices around the windows or doors, behind light switches and baseboards is the primary reason behind the loss of energy. By using a programmable thermostat you can control the temperature of your room at specific times. During summers, make sure to keep the blinds down to maintain indoor temperatures in a natural way. By applying weather stripping, you can seal off cold water outside and reduce energy bills.

You can also save some money on your gas consumption. You can take the first step by keeping the temperature low during heating water. If not required, abstain from using hot water as it will save money. You can save cooking gas by using it sparingly when food is almost cooked. Using a microwave is also a smarter decision than using stoves which use more energy.

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