Cosmo Looking For an Editor

Into fashion, writing and the Latina community? Cosmo for Latinas is looking for a freelance editor to join their ranks and this could be a breakthrough moment for an editor. As the magazine is only a little over a year old, if the ideas and timeliness of the editor show innovation and expertise, this position could lead to some serious recognition in both the writing and fashion industries.


Cosmo for Latinas is the newest venture of Cosmopolitan, the leading brand of women’s magazines around the world. In Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Cosmo’s fun, fearless spirit takes on a Latina voice. Launched in May ‘11, and a quarterly for 2013, the magazine provides an insider’s approach to everything Cosmo with the Latina sensibility from beauty and style to dating, relationships, family, the hottest celebrities and the coolest parties all with the intimate, familiar tone of a trusted girlfriend. Read More (and Good Luck on the position!)

Michael P.

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