Cotton Suits: No Thanks

Patrick Johnson

As you should have picked up from the title of this, I'm not a fan of cotton suits. Though the website 'Die, Workwear' thinks cotton suits don't get enough love or attention at all, I think they are a menswear option that only very few people can get away with wearing properly.


The cotton suit might be one of the most underappreciated garments in a summer wardrobe. Clients of bespoke tailors are often reluctant to commission them because the expensiveness of the labor can feel wasted on such a cheap material. Ready-to-wear manufacturers also don’t seem to stock many. This season, I’ve seen some nice selections by Brooks Brothers and Attolini, but not many more.

I used to dislike cotton suits because of their lack of “give.” If this isn’t clear, think of the difference between sticking your hands into the hip pockets of a cotton jacket vs. a wool one. Read More


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