Couture Las Vegas Heralds Fashion Future

Couture Las Vegas

Photo: Roberto Coin/K. Jetter

Couture Las Vegas showed the world the jewelry trends of tomorrow and beyond, and while gold's staying classic, the fashion scene is changing rapidly for luxury apparel. New styles are coming to the fore,including unique pieces that are pushing the boundaries of standard jewelry, like Wendy Yue's vine covered full-finger ring and bracelet.


What was the takeaway at the fine jewelry show known as Couture Las Vegas this year? The sky’s the limit. With the economy recovering and gold prices dropping, the fine jewelry business is booming.


Chunky jewelry, heavy gold, big stones.… It’s like ‘Dynasty’ all over again!” said New York-based jewelry designer Amedeo Scognamiglio, whose 12-year-old Faraone Mennella collection first gained fame after costume designer Patricia Field used it on “Sex and the City.”


Scognamiglio was one of hundreds of high-end designers to present billions of dollars' worth of jewels to retailers and press at the five-day haute trade show that wrapped up Monday. Besides noticing that fine jewelry folks are one well-manicured group, I noticed several trends: (Read More)


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