Crafty Mother's Day Ideas

It's that time of year again and Mother’s Day is fast approaching. From cards to presents to expensive meals, there is a whole industry out there now that thrives on you parting with your pennies. However, there are many ways to give your mum a very special day without flashing the cash too much and they are much more thoughtful!


Take her for a picnic

Hopefully the weather will be slightly better by the time Mother's Day approaches and the spring flowers will be beginning to pop up. Fill a hamper with all the treats and goodies you know she will love and take her down to the park for a relaxing day out with the family. From strawberries to cucumber sandwiches and cream cakes the possibilities are endless. For a nice finishing touch, ask everyone involved to take a paper plate and write their favourite thing about mum on it. Simple biro will do and when the plates are taken out for the picnic she can read each and every one before it is used!


Make a handmade card

Nothing says I love you more than something which is handmade. A card, as simple or as complicated as you wish is the ideal way to really make an effort this Mother’s Day. It also means you don’t have to shell out a fortune on an impersonal one that doesn’t really say what you want. If you aren’t too handy when it comes to making things, there is a large selection of card making kits available in craft shops and high street stores such as WHSmith.


Bake handmade biscuits

Baking a cake is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday but it is nice to do something a bit different on Mother’s Day. Biscuits are relatively easy to make, taste delicious and are much more reasonable than a box of chocolates. Find out what her favourites are whether they are chocolate, ginger, nutty or plain, the list is endless, get your cookbook out and have a go! If they go wrong, don’t despair, it is the thought that counts. Pop into a craft shop and buy a little box, some tissue paper and ribbon and present you culinary masterpieces to her on the day.


Felt bookmark

This an old favourite but a very handy one which keeps reappearing. If you are the father of young children and have no idea what to ask them to do for Mother’s Day this may be perfect. Consisting of nothing more than felt or foam shapes and patterns, glued onto a felt strip, this is very easy to do but also a thoughtful keepsake any mother would love to receive. All craft shops will have the felt, foam and glue and then all you need is an hour alone with the kids to get arty!


Paper flowers

Rather than buying real flowers this Mother’s Day, why not try your hand at something a bit different. Paper flowers are easy to make, look as good as the real thing but best of all, don’t wither and die! Consisting of stem wire, paper, glue and scissors they are so simple and there are instructions galore on the internet and in craft books. You can even spritz them with perfume to make them smell nice!


This post was written by Sophie from Prezzybox, for more awesome Mother's Day gift ideas, check them out!


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