Crazy Haute Couture Finally Explained

Haute Couture


There isn't much that's more disturbing than some of thebizarreand almost distressing haute couture coming from designers who have produced some of the most stylish and chic outfits ever made, and it's actually a rather interesting explanation: you really can't find fashion that works without trying everything, even the clearly insane, and it helps to "wet the appetite" or get designers really into their work.


Have you ever wondered why those ridiculous outfits sashay down the runway? Most of those outfits makes you wonder if they were secretly filming “Project Runway,” and couldn’t find Tim Gunn anywhere? Right, right? Well no, I am sorry to burst your bubble, but there is a reason for Haute Couture shows. (Apart from being Lady Gaga’s potential new looks.) It’s not lucrative or anything. Most outfits are sewn by hand, and only come in one size: zero or less. Then why would they bother? Just to make us smile or wonder if the designers really went off the deep end? Read on and find out: Haute Couture explained, designers are quite possibly insane. (Read More)

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