Creating a case of wine for your husband or partner

A caseof winecan make a thoughtful gift for yourhusbandor partner. There are many options of how to buy wineand even more choices of winebut through careful consideration it is possible to create a perfectly tailored gift of wine.

Buying a case of wine as a gift for your husband or partner can be a daunting prospect. There is an infinite choice of wine as well as numerous online suppliers, supermarkets and specialist wine shops to choose from. You can visit vineyards to make purchases and there are also many specialist wine merchants. Other considerations include your budget, whether the wine is for a particular occasion and to go with particular food and the preferences of your husband or partner. With so many choices it is worth considering consulting with an expert before you make your purchase.

Factors to consider when buying wine cases for your partner or husband
It is important to consider your budget and whether you would like to buy one case of more expensive wine or several wine cases that are more reasonably priced. A case of fine wine that is more expensive may be preferable for a gift as it will be more special.

Whether the wine is for a particular special occasion and the type of food that may be served should also be a consideration when choosing your wine cases. It may be thoughtful to include a good sparkling wine or champagne for a special occasion. A bottle to drink without food may need to have different qualities to a wine that will accompany a particular dish. While the idea of white wine to go with fish or white meat and red wine to go with red meat may be old fashioned, some wines will complement a particular meal more than others.

You should put thought into your partner's preferences when choosing the particular colour, country and grape. If your partner or husband already has a preference for wine from a particular country or a particular grape then this will be an easy choice. However, your gift may be an opportunity to broaden his horizons and get him to try something new by including a couple of different bottles. For spouses without a particular preference then there are plenty of mixed cases to purchase, but you could consider their favourite travel destination to tailor the wine for them.

Consult expert advice to help you make your choice of wine
With such a huge choice it is worth consulting expert advice when you are choosing wine. As well as information online there are specialist food and drink magazines and articles in newspapers. Wine experts in specialist wine shops will be able to help you and some supermarkets may also have staff with knowledge of their own range to advise you.

Wine tasting

For a truly special gift for your partner or husband, you could arrange a wine tasting. They can then taste and choose the wine themselves as well as having a great experience with expert advice on hand. Wine tastings are offered by wine merchants or you can buy wine tasting day experiences.

Another alternative is to visit a vineyard to choose your wine. There are several vineyards in the south of England and France is not too far away.

Acase ofwine can make a special and memorable gift foryourpartner orhusband. By thinking through the options available and by thinking aboutyour loved one you can create a bespoke gift created especially for him.

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