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Crowded North Goa or Secluded South Goa- Choose Your Best Bet for Goa Stay


The 125 kilometers long coastline of Goa is dotted with several beautiful and pristine beaches that fit the bill for all kinds of tourists. Categorized as North Goa and South Goa beaches, these beaches saw an annual tourist influx over 2 million from all around the world. The direction is not the only criteria to differentiate them. While the beaches of North Goa are more popular with the party animals, shopping thrifts and the adventure sport lovers, the South Goa ones are quite hit with the people who enjoy solitude & serenity. Lets have a look what these Goa beaches have to offer to the tourists.


Agonda Beach

One of the most calm & picturesque beaches in Goa, Agonda is one of the best place to enjoy the nature’s beauty while strolling on the sands. Swimming is a popular activity on this beach.


Anjuna Beach

A hippie’s discovery in the early 70’s, Anjuna beach in North Goa is quite well known for its full of beans nightlife and trance parties. Besides nightlife, tourists can also enjoy street food and indulge in street shopping.


Candolim Beach

Situated in the northern part of Goa, Candolim beach is starkly opposite to other beaches in this region for being moderately peaceful. The area is dotted with swaying palm trees and a number of beach shacks offering food & liquor at a relatively low price.


 Calangute Beach

Popularly known as the ‘Queen of Beaches’ in Goa, Calangute in North Goa was discovered by the hippies in early 70’s. While the night is booked for trance parties, the day witnesses sunbathing & water sports.


The list of Goa beaches is quite long but the aforementioned ones are quite popular with the local and international tourists alike.

Agonda Beach
Anjuna Beach
Calangute Beach
Candolim Beach

Hari Sharma

Hari Sharma is a Travel Writer with a keen interest in writing about incredible destinations. His write-ups are detailed and comprising of all relevant details that could accommodate. All write-ups are written after thorough research with a blend of creative writing that will make you travel along. ...(Read More)

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