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Crystal Rocked outs the First Gold Plated Bumper for iPhone 4S
By: Yash Desai   |    October 24, 2011   |   3 Comments (0) (0)

Press Release
Plated with 24 karat gold into which the bumpers have been dipped not once, not twice but a total of four times ; crystal rock promises to give us luxury at its finest for the iPhone 4S. The case also has 200 crystals set onto it (chatons). While Crystal Rocked tells us that these are the worlds first gold plated bumpers for the iPhone 4S, we cant help but compare them with Brikks pure platinum cases that were super classy and also currently own the title of the most expensive cases for the iPhone 4S.

Also available are chrome plated bumpers where the aluminium based bumpers are dipped in chrome before being set with those ravishing crystals ; the cases can be purchased from Harrods in London or ordered online directly from Crystal Rock. Prices for the gold plated ones are 400 pounds whereas the more subtle chrome plated one goes for 250 pounds.
The cases or bumpers are easily attached as well as removed. Given that the size of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 is the same, these cases can be used for either of these models. However owners of older models would find that the bumpers are not an exact fit and are better off looking elsewhere. 
Product Description : 
•200 individually set crystal Chatons
• The world’s first 24ct gold plated bumpers
• Light Weight with easy Insulation 
• Delivery worldwide in 2-3 days

This article was originally written on The Rich Times.

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3 Comments on this Article

Kish Alvin commented on June 19, 2012

i appreciate your thinking, and the way you express your ideas is amazing. iphone accessories:http://www.binnbox.com

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Yash Desai commented on October 28, 2011

Not at all. Not sure if you are being sarcastic, but the iPhone 4S has supposedly solved all the 'antennagate' problems that Apple was plagued with earlier. In any case this cover has no such functionality. All it does is give the owner an ego boost.

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Chad Chisholm commented on October 28, 2011

The real question is: does it boost the signal?

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