Cutting Edge Home Technology at the Click of a Button

Design innovations have created state-of-the-art technology for the home. With the soaring popularity of online shopping, here's how to create the home of the future without leaving the house.

Design and innovation have come a long way in recent years and one of the key growth areas is that of technology for the home. New techniques and materials have had a huge impact on the gadgets available. And it's not just big corporations who benefit from these cutting-edge discoveries. From high definition rear projection screens made of special glass to new ways of buying music, the internet has opened up a world of possibilities, with online shopping giving us access to the latest developments around the globe.

Cutting edge privacy solutions

A common feature of many contemporary homes is the inclusion of glass panelling. Whilst this is great for ensuring maximum light and giving a spacious modern feel, it can also leave you feeling a little exposed. Smart glass has a special coating that enables you to change the amount of light filtered through the glass, so it can be easily switched from transparent to opaque at the click of a button. This amazing technology is available to order online; simply add your specifications and the panels can be created especially for you.

For your viewing pleasure

Visual technology has advanced significantly in the last ten years. Most homes have moved away from the traditional bulky design towards a flat screen TV, either mounted on a stand or on the wall for a truly cinematic experience. LCDs, or liquid crystal displays, are popular for both TVs and computer screens for their high picture quality, whereas plasma is ideal for wide-angled viewing and offers greater clarity for fast-moving pictures. Even more cutting-edge are projection screens made of smart glass for a superior experience. With households embracing HD and 3D technology to enhance their viewing, the way we watch programmes has changed forever.

Music matters

Online shopping has created a revolution in the way that we listen to music. Not only can rare and unusual vinyls and CDs be sourced from all over the world, but the technology of music itself has evolved. Systems such as iTunes mean that customers can shop online for their favourite tracks and albums, having them sent directly to their phones or computers. These can be listened to on the move or routed through special speaker systems to provide music throughout the home.

A new beginning for books
The launch of e-readers such as the Kindle or Kobo makes online shopping for books virtually effortless. A huge catalogue can be wirelessly accessed and once purchased, sent to your device almost instantaneously. Cheap, portable and fast, this new technology has made it possible to read and buy books virtually anywhere.

Home security

We've come a long way from the traditional spy hole and door chain. These days it's easy to see who's outside your home with the latest CCTV cameras. No longer obtrusive and covered with trailing cables, today's cameras are sleek, efficient and largely wireless. You may not be able to guard your property 24 hours a day but many devices can be connected to your laptop or tablet, enabling you to see what's going on even when you aren't at home. There is a huge selection of devices available online so you are sure to find one that is right for you.

With so many technological advances, the future certainly looks very bright. The internet has enabled us both to research and purchase state-of-the-art devices that transform the way we live today.


Max Williams writes for a variety of lifestyle blogs and websites. From smart glass to homeautomation, he is fascinated by innovations in home technology.

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