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Dallas is a great city. I had forgotten, as it has been about five years since I’ve been. It’s clean, modern, new, yet holds onto the traditions of yesterday. You hear and see the traditions in the way people talk, with a soft Southern voice, the way they walk and the way they care. Stop someone on the street for directions and they will often guide you to your destination. Dallas people are friendly people.


This friendliness doesn’t pertain to driving. Drivers in Dallas are downright ornery! They don’t you in, ignore turn signals and make driving difficult. And the traffic is


Location of a hotel is important.  Situated in the re-developed downtown area, The Omni Dallas is walking distance to the Dallas Convention Center. Nearby is the historically significant Kennedy Memorial, honoring our 35th President. The memorial is very moving, offering a quiet place to reflect on the craziness of life.


Skyscrapers sparkle and the pleasant flow of people all around seem to march to a slower kind of life.


Texas hospitality is at the forefront of the Omni Dallas Hotel. Just about a year old, this is a showcase for the Omni group. Modern and open, the lobby and common areas are comfortable. Front desk service is outstanding. The staff are fast, friendly and fun. Check in, with a reservation, is fast and easy. A swipe of your credit card and all the paperwork is there. Running late due to travel and business stuff, the check in process was still very easy.


I watched a rather bedraggled businessperson check in. She was sure her reservations were not in the system, lost or something (I was eavesdropping and trying to be cool about it) and she was upset. She was mumbling something about having to sleep outside. The agent, with the patience of a saint, found the reservation and made the woman a very happy camper. The bottom line was she didn’t have to camp out! She got her room and didn’t have to stay outside.


Each of the Omni Group Hotels has a different personality, yet there is a common thread of luxury, hospitality and superior accommodations. The Dallas location is no exception. Sitting in the lobby lounge, a young barkeep (afternoons to closing) works his magic blending cocktails with conversation. People of all ages sit around, reading IPads, talking with friends, drinking and even perusing a newspaper.


There is a cosmopolitan air to the place, while saying “Big D”. Artwork showcasing area artists live in the modern glass structure featuring textures and colors that reflect Texas. The colors are warm and inviting.


The living areas have tasteful muted tones. Comfortable and elegant is the theme. The Omni Dallas is luxurious without being ostentatious. The halls are wide and easily navigated. The rooms are outstanding.


Many people think of a hotel room to sleep in, watch a bit of TV and then escape to a meeting. I like lounging about in a hotel room. I can think, plan, go over notes and relax. The rooms at the Dallas Omni allow this. And I can sit back in my comfy robe.


One of the biggest problems facing travelers, especially those who travel for business, is the bed. It’s not the same as the bed at home. The beds at the Omni are wonderful! I always sleep well on Omni beds. I don’t know why these beds are better than my bed at home. The mattresses are very luxurious. Many hotels offer substandard beds and bedding. Sheets are crisp and clean, comforters offer warmth. It’s like being at home.


The room is well appointed. My room had a small sitting area perfect for reading. An oversized bathroom allows for steamy showers, without steaming up the entire room. Lighting is nice as well, with a lower level (for late light visits) and full bright to see the corners of your mouth while shaving.


My room featured a nice view of the city. It’s a very pretty view. At some places, you have to request service, calling to ask to have your room cleaned, but not at the Omni Dallas. I went out for about 20 minutes and the room was back to perfect by the time I got back. I don’t like having to wait for a room to be made-up and I didn’t here.    


Hotel dining spots can be questionable. The Omni Dallas has interesting local food that is worth talking about. Bob’s Steakhouse and Texas Spice are both outstanding establishments offering above average food.


When you stay at an Omni, join the Omni Loyalty Club. It’s free and the benefits are amazing. Members get FREE wifi (when available) in your room. Other features of the program include free pressing of garments, a daily newspaper of your choice and other special offers. A great deal. 


A very important part of the Omni Dallas is that it’s green; not in color, but in function. Certified gold by LEED, the hotel is exceeding today’s regulations for affecting the environment and sustainability. 


I really liked the feeling of Dallas and this comes thought to the hotel. The hospitality, the ambiance and the wonderful service is what a hotel should be. What sets Omni properties apart from other chains are the people. At the Omni, there are no problems, just solutions.



Mark Alyn

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