David Cameron's Fashion Blunder

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Doesn't British Prime Minister David Cameron have someone who's supposed to catch this kind of stuff? Likewise, how does a man (any man on earth) miss so many buttons when getting dressed? Come on, David, this is pretty ridiculous, read a few fashion articles and get with the program already. 


David Cameron isn't known for having particularly remarkable style. (As far as fashionable British prime ministers go, we'd have to give Winston Churchill top honors for that memorable hat.) But Cameron has had one unforgettable moment: an infamous wardrobe malfunction, when his white tuxedo shirt opened in the middle of a formal banquet.

The UK prime minster finally dished about the moment -- and laughed it off with ease -- on Monday evening in London, and before a crowd of fashion professionals, no less. Cameron gave a speech at 10 Downing Street to kick off London Collections: Men, London's autumn/winter 2013 men's fashion week, beginning with this quip: Read More

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