De Jordaan - Galleries and More in Amsterdam

Although Jordaan was originally developed as a working-class neighborhood, it has progressed into one of the most upscale and expensive locations in Amsterdam and even the Netherlands as a whole. As such, it has become an exceptional location to do some of the best shopping in Amsterdam. With a great selection of studios and galleries full of local art, De Jordaan is the first place you should visit if you are looking for something inspirational and beautiful to place above your mantle or just display prominently within your home. This is especially true if you are a fan of modern art, as this seems to be currently be the focus for many of the artists in the area.


Beyond the art, though, there are numerous small boutiques littered throughout the area that offers up some of Amsterdam’s most unique shopping experiences. With plenty of eateries and clothing stores also nearby, it would be quite easy to spend your entire day shopping in this hip area.

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