Decorating Ideas for the Luxurious Apartment



When you have a truly luxurious apartment, your decor needs to reflect that. It won't do to have a spacious apartment, glowing with wood floors or marble counter tops, decorated in the same furniture you used in your old studio. Instead, bring your new home to life with rich-looking, high luxe furniture, accents, and accessories that make it look even better.

Never Scrimp on Furniture

The Apartments in Los Angeles are all about luxury, featuring exciting views, beautiful layouts, and wide open spaces. Because of that, you need to focus on furniture that will complement your rooms. Whatever your aesthetic, go all out with your furniture. Even if you like a minimalist, modern look, you don't want your rooms to completely swallow up your pieces.

With a luxury apartment, focus on leather or leather-look furniture when you want something modern or contemporary. If you're more into antiques, then silks and brocade fabrics work best. Glass, metal, and wrought iron offer a sleek, stunning style, but you can't go wrong with rich, dark woods or marble either. It doesn't matter if you shop at expensive furniture stores or sniff out antiques, just be extravagant.

The Secret to Luxe Lighting

Do you have a lot of amazing art, several gorgeous pieces of furniture, or other items you want to highlight? Lighting plays a big part in decorating, so make sure you don't take it for granted. You don't have to start shopping for chandeliers, although keep in mind they look lovely in dining rooms and foyers. You may want track lighting to focus on specific pieces or areas, but ornate lamps, interesting fixtures, and even candles bring warmth and charm to your spaces.

The Design Is in the Details

You certainly can't forget about the big bits, such as furniture and lighting. However, you have to remember the smaller but still essential details as well:

  • Choose a high quality carpet in a neutral color
  • Cover hardwood or marble floors with eye-catching area rugs
  • Pick statuary, candlesticks, figurines, and other knickknacks that add to the decor
  • And consider painting or wallpapering using intricate designs and patterns, such as stripes or chevron

The details draw the eye. In the kitchen, decorate with functional items, such as pretty serving bowls and knife blocks. In living rooms, family rooms, and dens, pick conversation starters, such as interesting bookends or ornate vases. Find something that catches your eye, because it will do the same to your room.

Wall Art Is Everything

Wall art can help bring the entire room together. You can go with paintings from your favorite artists, whether they're well-known or local. Photography is big now as well, so think about devoting a wall to intriguing prints or family pictures. Make sure you choose attention-grabbing picture frames too. Mirrored walls are particularly in vogue, especially when you mix and match with different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Having a luxurious space calls for equally beautiful furniture and home decor items. Will you go contemporary, country, modern, or vintage in your lovely, luxe space?


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