Decorating your bathroom


It is every person dream to have a spacious house. With large space available in your home you can use various ideas to decorate your home and make it look very attractive. Bathroom is a very prominent place in a house and it is desirable for everyone to have a spacious bathroom. However, having a spacious house or a bathroom is not possible for everyone. You probably would have a decent house but a small bathroom but there are several ways that you can use to make use of most of the place which will provide you with the same feeling of having a large bathroom.

About small bathrooms and how can you make the best out of it:-

When you have a spacious bathroom you have all the freedom to design your bathroom with luxury accessories, you can add a large bath tub with Jacuzzi or you can even install a bath cubicle with modern CP fittings and water heaters. You can also use sophisticated furniture with roomy bath vanity etc. Most of all these ideas can be implemented only is you have spacious bathroom. Few key pointers you should make note of, if you want to make most out of your small bathroom.

  1. Lighting plays an important role especially in small bathrooms as it can make it appear spacious. You may want to shop trizo21 lighting from a reputed outlet that deals with bathroom accessories and equipment’s. Shopping for trizo21 lighting is highly recommended since their products can be used for homes and for commercial purpose.

  2. The use of pendent or recessed lights is suggested since these types of lights are more practical compared to have a fixed centrally mounted lighting fittings.

  3. You can also add large mirrors since it creates reflection and thus creates an illusion of a spacious bathroom.

  4. Painting your bathroom in light colour would help greatly as your small bathroom will appear more spacious since light colour would reflect light.

  5. You may opt for bath cubicle instead of bathtub. It is very much stylish and will add glamour to your bathroom.

  6. You can also use smaller yet attractive wash basin and can mount it on a wooden cabinet. Wooden cabinet will give you space to store bath products etc.

  7. It recommended to opt for wall mounted WC with a round style thus it will help you save lit of space.


When it comes to light accessory, it highly recommended to shop trizo21 lighting, it is brand that you can trust.

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