Demure Is Still Sexy

The Beautiful Lydia Bright

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Look around the media today and it's all skin, skin, skin, but there's nothing wrong with a fine piece of couture that emphasizes feminine beauty without focusing on boob size,cleavage and maximal exposure. Looking beautiful and sexy in an innocent way, Lydia Bright's recent photo shoot emphasized beauty, style, and class but didn't need sex appeal to manage it.


SHE hit the headlines with her new barnet yesterday.

And Lydia Bright captured everyone's attention again when she posed up a storm online.


Flaunting her slim pins, the beauty showed off her tiny frame in a brand-new series of hot shots.


The first showed her working '60s-style liner with a magenta dress and elegant updo, and another super-stylish shot saw Lucy Mecklenburgh's BFF donning a mint green number. (Read More)

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