Denim Comes Back with a Vengeance



Remember the mid-90s when nearly every garment had some flash of denim involved? That look might just be making a comeback this year with a good number of clothing manufacturers bringing back the rustic look in spades. Are you a fan of denim or do you prefer something more sleek?


When New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow, fashionistas will get an eyeful of ladies’ garments made from laser-cut leather, vibrant magenta tweed and -- denim.

Eight years after skinny jeans became de rigeur for millions of women, denim is showing up in garments as varied as corsets and pencil skirts. Designers and retailers such as Macy’s Inc. (M) and Ralph Lauren Corp. (RL) have ample reason to cash in on premium-priced versions of an American classic: women’s jeans are selling at almost twice the pace of women’s apparel and typically generate fatter margins. Read More

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