Designer Sibling Duo Taking Over Hollywood

Sister Sister. No, we aren’t talking about Tia and Tamara, but the stylish sibling designer duo, Kara and Brit Smith.  The two sisters launched LA-based Elkin and are the “it” girls in fashion and pop culture today. Their inspiration comes from all forms and walks of life with music tastes ranging from Dolly Parton to Iron Maiden; they also take motivation from cyberpunk novels they read and regard Lolita as a muse of choice.


The Elkin pair now dress all of Hollywood’s kids and young stars, including the cast of Girls, who even sported the line for their NY Mag cover story.


The sisters’ collections seem to play on opposites, blending a historic nostalgia with the modern culture and beat there is today; with pieces representing a bad girl/good girl theme. Some call this “pretty-meets-punk” and it has proved to meet the appeal of a wide range personas. The opposition is also true in real life as Kara spent many afternoons in disciplined in detention while Brit was studious in the school library.

Elkin absolutely reflects on the dualities of life and within our own personalities, which allows for expression, exactly what fashion is all about. And with the Smith sisters nearly scrapping the surface, we are sure to see more out of this power sister team. 

Felena Black

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