Designer Yohiji Yamamoto Hates Fashion

We have all heard people droning on about how they hate high fashion and how it doesn't make any sense (I'll admit, I've gone on tirades against high fashion in the past), but every once in a while,  someone who actually knows what she or he is talking about comes out swinging against the fashion industry. In this case, it's designer Yohiji Yamamoto, and he lays down precisely why he hates fashion.


Yohji Yamamoto has strong opinions about fashion and his work as a designer, and he's candid about it all. No surprise things got quite interesting when he sat down for an interview with i-D magazine's founder Terry Jones and British architect Asif Khan. Yamamoto discussed everything from developing his personal taste, why he hates fashion, and whether he prefers women dressed or undressed. Read a few excerpts below.

On how he developed his personal taste:

“I’m a big victim of women. I have been controlled by femme fatales for more than 60 years. And even now.” Read More


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