Different Colors Of Rajasthani Arts And Paintings

Rajasthan is prominent tourist destination of India and have popularity of this destination around the world for its most attractive places. Forts and palaces of Rajasthan are not only the reason for Rajasthan popularity but its heritage culture and heart winning arts that cannot be seen anywhere on this earth enhance the beauty of Rajasthan. Tourists come here from across the world to observe its rich and heritage culture but they also fall in love with beautiful and traditional handicraft and painting. Rajasthan trip cannot be successful until one explores famous bazaars and enjoy handcraft goods such as Rajasthani furniture, Rajasthani paintings, Rajasthani bags, Jootis, Meenakari, jewelry and obviously its painting. These painting are sculpture of royal Rajasthan and most famous among international tourist those prefer to make collection of beautiful antique and classical items. These types of painting has been categories in various format that explore the overall life style of Royal Rajputs and Mughals such as court scenes, flowering, hunting,  various animals like royal horses and royal elephants and  Rajasthani folk paintings.


Panting have become way of reflecting rich cultural of Rajasthan that first cause that attract visitors from around the world, this art display and shining on jewelry, colors on furniture, colors on paper, some of beauty that can feel on few paining that take a few second to win hearts on a first look. Every royal painting has one unique quality so all of them take attention of every tourist.


Miniature is one of the famous Rajasthan Paintings types which are famous since11th century. Such paintings made on paper by using green vegetable colors and the artist have gift from god those paint in manner that one can’t resist their eyes from this art. These paining simply based on Rajput’s life style that cover traditional feminine beauty.


Its most unique kind of painting based on traditional folks approach. These mostly represent the life and achievement of the prominent folk hero of Rajasthan. Mainly folk stories and holy Bhagvata Puran scenes are including in this type of paining.


These types of painting covers background for spiritual images. Even there is one kind festival held on December for pichwais painting on Rajasthan which is very popular among artist and tourist also enjoy such type of festivals.

Even Rajasthan is famous for its many famous festivals and these festivals include many competitions and interesting play that attract tourist from around the world. Not only tourist attract from these festival but also many famous celebrity becomes part of such kind of festivals and enjoy real beauty of Rajasthan.

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