Different types of yacht charter services in Greece

Greece is one of the beautiful countries in the Mediterranean; people from all over the world come here for enjoying their vacations. Especially during the summers, it is most visited by tourists as there are so many beaches to enjoy. Other than the beaches, the streets of Greece offers friendly environment, good food joints and bars, some sightseeing spots, etc. but the main attraction for tourists is the yachting. Summers are always the peak season; large numbers of tourists huddle on the amazing beaches of Greece and have a relaxed vacation. Yachtcharter Griechenland services are very much liked by the tourists as they offer a unique way of exploring the beauty of the sea.

Greece is also known as the land of islands, by chartering yacht one can easily avid the crowds of the beach and can spend a relaxed time in the lap of water. There are different types of yachts available for leasing like:

The day cruiser yacht; there are no cabins in these yachts as they are used only for few hours sailing in the day. They are very simple with no amenities and are not more than 20m in length; they cannot be taken into very deep waters. The rates are lower as compared to other types and used by people, those who have low budgets.

Weekender yachts are designed for going into deep waters or into the low tides; they are equipped with small cabin space and some basic amenities like food, drinks, etc. They are charted for trips lasting in 2 or 3 days and can easily accommodate maximum 4 people.

Cruising yachts are the most liked and booked yachts by the tourists as they are 7-14m long and are sufficient for long journeys. The speed of these yachts is very good and provides the best combination of space and comfort. One can enjoy in these yachts with family or friends as they are well equipped with cabins, washrooms, and kitchen and storage space. Best for staying on the lap of sea and explore the adventure overnight.

Sport fishing yachts are mostly booked by those who like to get into sea for enjoying fishing; they are equipped with all the necessary amenities which are needed for catching fishes.

Luxury yachts are also same as the other yachts but they are over 25m long and automated, which makes them perfect for having a big group trip. They posses all the luxurious amenities like lounge, bar, good rooms, fully equipped kitchen, dining space, etc. They are mostly hired by rich classy people as their rates are very high.

All these different types of yachts make the Yachtcharter Griechenland services so popular among the tourists. One can explore the true beauty of Greece through sea and can make the trip a memorable one.


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