Different Watches For Different Occasions

It’s no secret that men love their Watches. Why shouldn’t they? A nice watch can give a man all the confidence in the word.


Watchessync up with your lifestyle. Whether you are throwing on a suit and heading to the office every morning, or hopping on a bike to head up the mountain, there is a time piece to suit every occasion. Not only does it punctuate an outfit; the watch on your wrist can say a lot about who you are. Many men think of a watch as they would a tie: Who cares if it's not purely functional? It still plays an integral role in what it means to be a man.


There are many different types/brands/styles of watches out there; this can be an overwhelming decision. When choosing a watch it’s a good idea to go exploring first. Many men, have different watches for different occasion;


The everyday watch - every man should have a status quo watch. You would wear this watch to places like work, the supermarket or even when hanging out at a friend’s house, a general, casual style gives off a sense of neutrality.


The Leather Band Watch – The leather band watch is Classic, yet often overlooked, watches with leather bands are often work with casual and formal dress.


The High-End Watch –Every man who cares about his personal appearance should invest in a luxury watch.  The big oys such as Rolex, Omega and Breitling produce items that are more than just watches. They are extraordinary timepieces. These types of watches make a statement; the watch symbolises your style, class and level of sophistication. 


The Digital Watches are fantastic when exercising or engaging in intense outdoor activity. Most sports watches are equipped with the time, the date, a stopwatch, a timer, an alarm, and moderate water resistance. These watches provide everything you possibly need in a watch.


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