Dining In Style: Tasty International Toppers For Your Dishes

Diego Dalmaso

If you’re all about international cuisine, how many of these delicious condiments can you say you’ve tried before? Open your tastebuds to these tasty toppers at your nearest restaurant or on your next holiday:


Popular in The Balkans, Ajvar is time-consuming to make, but well worth the effort. Made from bell peppers, aubergine, garlic, and chilli pepper. The core ingredients are baked and stewed; you end up with a lovely condiment with a salsa consistency.

Currywurst Sauce

If you couldn’t guess from the title, this condiment is predominantly used in Germany. Although we’d probably just coat our wursts in Tommy K, Currywurst goes one step further – it’s a tomato sauce laced with curry powder and paprika for a serious kick to the tastebuds.

Salsa Lizano

You can find a bottle of this condiment in most Costa Rican households. Salsa Lizano is slightly sweet, but is spiced up with turmeric, pepper, and mustard! It seems that once you try it, you never go back – search the internet and you’ll find plenty of foodie forums desperately looking for a bottle in their hometown.


No one type of chutney is the same, but you’ve probably had a variation at your local Indian curry house. Some of the popular chutneys you’ll find are peanut/red chili, mango, and tamarind.


Pebre is one of the many perks of visiting Chile. Made from coriander, onion, olive oil, garlic, and spicy aji peppers, Pebre is usually an addition to BBQ meat and whacked on top of bread.

Fish Sauce

When used wisely, fish sauce can taste like a dream. Just feel sorry for the poor people who have to make this smelly condiment, made from fermented sardines.


Fun to say and even more enjoyable to eat, Tsatziki is made from cucumber, yoghurt, garlic, salt, olive oil, and pepper. It’s usually a great topping for gyros.

Sriracha Sauce

A welcome addition to seafood, sriracha is also used on just about anything. It’s known for a big, spicy kick.


Although Amanda Palmer professed her hate for this condiment in her song ‘The Vegemite,’ many people in Australia love it. Brits have something similar called ‘Marmite’ and both are from yeast extract. Whether you love or hate it, this condiment is going strong.


Used in Argentine and Uruguay to marinade meat, Chimichurri is made with chopped parsley, minced garlic, red pepper flakes, oil, and vinegar.


Super hot and super tasty, harissa is a hard core condiment made from piri piri chillies, tomatoes and paprika. Consumed widely in North Africa, you can actually find small pots of this at your local supermarket.

Kochujang (Gochujang)

This Korean condiment looks like posh ketchup but is made with chili peppers, fermented soybeans, rice powder, and red peppers.


This mouth-watering condiment is often used in pitas and is made from sesame seeds. You really won’t find anything that tastes quite like it and it isn’t spicy either, so people who are averse to hot food are in luck!

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