Discover the longest beach of Tra co Vietnam

Discover the longest beach of Tra Co, Quang Ninh Vietnam with a length of 17km, has been recognized as the longest beach next to it Nam. Ben Vietnam, Tra Co Beach is also the first country on the map, near the border post, there are many places most travel, most pristine, most romantic …

Located in the extreme northeast of the country, where the border between Vietnam and China and Mong Cai city center 9 km road, Tra Co is the outer edge of an island by nature due to wave action and currents coastal form.

The seaside sand dunes from 3-4m high, with hamlets and villages crowded inhabitants, mainly living on agriculture and fishing. Is the strip of beachfront casuarina forest wind, shade and keep the sand nearby ecosystems has mangroves.

If Nha Trang beach is like the modern girl Tra Co is a beautiful young woman countryside. Visitors to this will be deeply impressed with a long sandy shore free man, white, smooth and gentle as her smooth legs elongated, soft and silky hair along streams where wild but very sweet. Extremely blue water, clean, dust encumbered. At that time, guests have seemed to slip his feelings where ecstasy before the beauty lost but passed away this pristine.

And hence the saying, Tra Co, beautiful, beautiful rustic, relaxed, not pushing because it was not the shadow of “commercial beach”, not too many restaurants, not losing the inherent beauty of the sea.

 Tra Co to choose a seat away, free soul in waves whispering waves, will feel the sea and are embedded into each other. Long and deep on the non-working, straight as a more cool charms of her native village girl innocence, wild.

Moreover, near Tra Co is also a place sunrise or sunset very romantic, it was Wear Alcohol, approximately 6 km from the beach. Sure and fine sand here as possible comfortable driving machine on the beach without fear of subsidence or slip. Also, if you want to enjoy fresh seafood, can be purchased right on the coast when fishermen go fishing boats catching on.

Currently, the road to Tra Co beach dike system and the new extension is very convenient as it may be going by sea or by land. If traveling by sea, guests can choose boat or hydrofoil from Bai Chay, Quang Ninh (about 132km) or from Hai Phong (about 206 km). If travel is quite winding road, but the scenery is quite interesting.

Human weeks Vietnam Sea and Islands held from 5 – 08.06.2012 at Ba Ria – Vung Tau, is the support of Sea and Islands General Department of Vietnam, after a search time and subject production, in addition to honoring the longest beach is Tra Co, The Vietnam record eight officially announced another record in Vietnam sea and island areas, to promote the specificity, produce, produce products of sea and island people of Vietnam to the domestic and international friends.

They are: Halong Bay – Bay of Islands has much the smallest; Tam Giang – Cau Hai – the largest lagoon; Cat Ba Island – largest island has much; Spratlys – most offshore islands; island group Hon Potatoes – most island group near the equator; Phu Quoc Island – the largest island; Nam Futures MPAs – Marine Protected Areas largest Vietnam; district of Ly Son Island – Island District has the highest population density.

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