Diving in Asia The Top Diving Sites in Asia for Beginners

For those who want to learn diving in Asia, there are a huge number of dive spots with the perfect conditions. In fact, there are so many that choosing where to go can be difficult, especially for beginners. If you have never dived before, but you want to have an easy and enjoyable diving experience in Asia, then take the plunge in any of the following beginner diving hotspots.

Ko Tao (Thailand)

In the Gulf of Thailand, the small island of Ko Tao is among the world's most popular places to get a dive certificate. The island has about 40 dives shop on it to choose from, a majority of which are ideal for beginners. The island is particularly popular because of the abundantly easy dive sites that are located merely short distance away from the island. This makes the dive courses offered there quite cost-effective and of great value for the students.

Ko Phi Phi (Thailand)

The Phi Phi islands are another extremely popular diving spot for beginners in Thailand. Almost like Ko Tao, there are a large number of diving shops to choose from and plenty of easy sites merely a short boat ride away with calm conditions. The Phi Phi islands are also very stunning and offer a visual treat from both below and above the water.

Ko Lanta (Thailand)

Ko Lanta is yet another excellent spot to get a dive certificate in Thailand. Unlike Ko Phi Phi or Ko Tao, some a bit different is offered by this laid-back west coast island. The distance between the dive sites is a bit farther, but great diving, excellent visibility and a decisively relaxed vibe are the reward that students get.

Perhentian Islands (Malaysia)

For novice divers, there are also several magnificent emerald islands on Peninsular Malaysia's east coast where they can learn how to dive. For those who want to be introduced to scuba-diving in the most splendid way possible, the Perhentians have just the right ingredients. Straight off the beach, the shore dives offer an easy and enjoyable experience. Perhentian Kecil, which is the smaller Perhentian Island, has the most dive shops.

Boracay (Phillipines)

In central Philippines, Boracay is a tiny island with a myriad of dive sites. The island has the world's best beaches. Most of dive shops on the island are on White Beach, which is Boracay's most popular beach. There is a full range of accommodation options on the island, while watersports and boat trips are also quite popular on the island.

Gili Islands (Indonesia)

At the East of Bali is Lombok, which is the most popular diving spot for beginners in Indonesia. There are actually three idyllic, tiny islands that are known as the Gilli Islands and they are situated just off the coast. Everything that beginner divers may need is offered just off the coast. The dive sites on the other two islands, Trawangan and Gili Meno are also easily reachable.

By choosing to learn diving in Asia, beginners will not only be able to learn how to drive but will also be able to enjoy a unique experience under the water. So all those who want to learn how to dive in Asia, they should pay a visit to one of these diving sites.


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