Documentary 'In Vogue' Celebrates 100-Plus Years of High Fashion


HBO has delved into the high-fashion magazine Vogue for one of their latest documentaries, titled, In Vogue. It discusses and interviews insiders from the magazine's long-running history and it's pretty amazing to see editorial superstars like Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour giving inside information about the way the magazine and its photo shoots are created.


In 2012, I did something I hadn’t done in twelve years: I travelled the Fashion Week circuit. New York, London, Paris, back again . . . Fashion Week might be about the presentations of new collections for the forthcoming fall and spring seasons, but at its very core, it’s a revolving circus of style. To be more specific: the very best style on the planet. The best-dressed people on the planet are present, the truly elite in women and menswear, which would include the models, the photographers, the designers, and of course the fashion editors. Read More

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