Does 'Bad Publicity' Adage Apply to Trump?

Slaven Vlasio/Getty Images

A campaign has begun to get Donald Trump taken off the air but will that really have any kind of negative impact on his television program The Celebrity Apprentice? Chance are that, no, they won't drop ratings for his show; however, as publicity goes, he's probably going to profit from the campaign and pull in viewers that normally wouldn't have watched.


Donald Trump from “The Celebrity Apprentice” is the master manipulator when it comes to social media. Two weeks ago, The Donald made headlines when he offered to donate $5M to Barack Obama’s favorite charity if the president produced college applications and records. On Nov. 14, the creator of “The Celebrity Apprentice” is back in the news due to a "Dump Trump" campaign that's making waves on Thursday.

The media is all a-twitter about a “Dump Trump” petition asking Macy’s to drop the famous mogul’s line of clothing and fragrances because of his recent anti-Obama statements. Read More


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