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Dog Detectives? Animal Crimes Units Showing Up Nationwide & DFW
By: DustinD.POTEET   |    January 13, 2013   |   0 Comments (0) (0)

In early December 2012, Dallas County Commissioners Court approved a special unit that will investigate animal cruelty cases. Putting together animal crime units is a growing national trend. A not-for-profit charity is raising money for this unit now that it has the go-ahead. It will take an estimated $200,000 for the first year of complicated cases. Safer Dallas Better Dallas has donated their efforts to raise this amount of money. The Dallas County commissioner and her husband have already thrown $40,000 into the pot. ( To give visit: saferdallas.com)

The problem with animal cases are they are handed to normal prosecutors and the victims can not testify in court. This leaves case managers to put these types of cases on the bottom of a large stack of human cases. They are then forced to work with little evidence and no verbal or written complaints. The new units will be specifically trained and work on animal cases alone.

So far this idea is working.

In a humorous fashion, I find myself now nodding at dogs as I drive by. To be fair the dog nodded his head at me first. One of my dogs stares at hisself in the mirror for hours at a time. The song 'I Feel Pretty' runs through my mind. My Miniature Pincher must understand sarcasm. At least enough to respond in a like manner.

Maybe this newly earned respect from the law is going to their heads!

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