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Dominican Style Blowout Trending and How

Dominican Blowout

Hair styles trend just as often as fashion, but it's rare that you get a chance to pounce on one before they've hit the mainstream. Breaking out of areas that have a large Dominican population, though, is a perfect opportunity to lead this fashion trend charge. Domincan-style blowouts are all the rage, and with good cause: they look hot!

Hannah Bronfmanís recently launched ĎBeautifiedí iPhone app is sure to be a lifesaver for those of us in constant need of quality, last-minute salon services. But if your mobile phone doesnít boast the Apple logo, where are you to turn when you need to get fresh on the fly? Okay, so we donít have the answers for all your spur-of-the-moment beauty needs, but if youíre fixing for a good quality blowout at the eleventh hour, we suggest you high-tail it to your nearest Dominican salon.

The Dominican-style blowout has to be one of NYCís best-kept beauty secrets. (Read More)

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