Dresses and End Tables at Stockholm Fashion Week

Sweden, land of Ikea and pickled herring, is changing the way we look at things yet again through their Stockholm Fashion Week. Rather than models walking down a blank runway graced only by strapped heels, the pieces to be featured are from high-end furniture shops like modecenter and Larsson Furniture.


In an unusual twist that many may have predicted, the Swedish once again sparkle in their own special way, insisting that fashion has as much to do with your home’s furnishings as with the well-dressed backside sitting on it. The event, which runs today through November 22nd, alternates between the best the Swedes have to offer in both categories.

The schedule, available on the Stockholm Fashion Week website, prepares attendees for: “Activities that focus on the latest for the Summer/Spring 2013 season, fashion as well as interior design.” Read More

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