Dressing for the Larger Woman ? The Tips to Maintain a Stylish Appearance

By 2010, the UK market for plus-size clothing had reached its peak, with growth of 45% recorded during the previous 5 years. This rising trend encouraged a number of leading brands to launch new ranges of plus-size clothing, allowing them to cater towards a growing percentage of the British population. It has subsequently become easier for plus-size women to dress comfortably and stylishly, without the need for them to visit specialist retailers.


How to Dress Well as a Larger Woman


While theUK’s range of plus-size clothing may be growing, however, there remain additional steps that larger women can take to make the most of their appearance. For example: -


  1. Buy your Size: Whenever you may be carrying some additional weight, there is a temptation to do one of two things. Either you will buy clothes that are several sizes too big to disguise this, or continue to purchase items in your regular size. Both of these actions do little to aid your appearance, as while you should recognise instances where you have gained weight you should always strive to optimise the figure that you have. Ladies Plus Size Clothing from Curvety is a great place to start for this!
  2. Beware of Horizontal Stripes: Striped clothing provides a nice visual effect, but with plus-size clothes there is a huge difference between horizontal and vertical stripes. Each creates entirely different visual effects, as while the former makes your shape appear wider the latter elongates the appearance of your body and gives the impression of height. As a larger woman, clothes with vertical stripes are therefore far more appealing and flattering.
  3. Choose your Accessories Wisely: Accessorizing is the key to optimising any outfit, but it is especially important for plus-size women. An attractive or well positioned item of jewellery can successfully draw attention away from any problem areas, while slim line belts and scarves are also effective when used correctly. Big, chunky jewellery is particularly flattering on plus-size frames, especially when worn in conjunction with platform shoes. 


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